Mistreated Beneficiaries: Translating the Language of Probate and Trust Lawsuits

In California as in other places, a lot of people are normally reluctant participants in estate conflicts. There’s no difference whether the disagreement requires trust lawsuits, probate litigation or a Will Contest. If you work with a qualified probate attorney, many of the stresses can go to the wayside… People who are frozen out of […]

Distinctions Between Joint Tenancies

In Indiana, joint tenants can own real estate collectively as occupants in typical or as joint tenants with right of survivorship. Citizens can likewise own certain personal property collectively as renters in common or as joint occupants with right of survivorship. For instance, 2 people can own their savings account collectively as joint renters with […]

Filing a PA Estate Tax Return

In Pennsylvania, decedents’ estates are required to submit a PA Estate tax Return (Form REV-1500) as part of the probate and estate administration procedure. A PA Estate Tax Return ought to be filed on behalf of any decedent who (1) resided in Pennsylvania at the time of his or her death, and/or (2) owned or […]