Filing a PA Estate Tax Return

In Pennsylvania, decedents’ estates are required to submit a PA Estate tax Return (Form REV-1500) as part of the probate and estate administration procedure. A PA Estate Tax Return ought to be filed on behalf of any decedent who (1) resided in Pennsylvania at the time of his or her death, and/or (2) owned or […]

History and Introduction of the Federal Estate Tax

The federal estate tax is specified by the Internal Earnings Service as a tax on the right to transfer property at death. The tax is imposed on the taxable estate, which is the total reasonable market value of the property moved at death (called the gross estate) minus allowable deductions. Deductions allowed under the Internal […]

Learn How To Train Your Dog Successfully

There is no greater joy than a new puppy. Those beautiful big eyes and playful, uncoordinated frolicking will bring you years of fun and love. However, without the proper training your playful pet can easily become an annoying pooch in the blink of an eye. So here are some dog training tips to get you […]